Week 6 Blog Post (EDUC 506)

Joe Jacoby

October 7, 2013

EDUC 506


Week 6 Blog



  1. In general, where do you tend to fall on the matrix?


            Over all I feel that my classroom is at the infusion stage but I’d like to move my students and myself into the transformation stage.  I feel that taking my classroom to flipped learning structure will help facilitate this type of learning.

            In the infusion stage “the teacher consistently provides for the infusion of technology tools with understanding, applying, analyzing, and evaluating learning tasks.”  I currently teach within a technology-integrated classroom where all my students have iPads.  I am working on App Flow during planning so that students can use a steady flow of App to App while learning a concept and content. 


  1. What are your areas of strength?


            I fell that my students and I are at the infusion stage when Active “students are actively engaged in education activities where technology is a transparent tool used to generate and accomplish objectives and learning.”  This section also discusses how kids can choose to use an App to complete a task.  I remember when I opened up the choices for Apps to complete a task, assignment or activity.  It was amazing to see how the students took the task and made it their own.

            Another area I feel that I’m strong in is the area of constructive, “students use technology to understand content and add meaning to their learning.  This is an area of technology in education that I love.  I love seeing students taking a device like an iPad and open their minds to new learning and then turn around and share that learning with others.  Collaboration has become huge in my classroom. 


  1. What are your areas of weakness?


            I feel that one area I can grow on is Goal Directed, “students use technology tools to research data, set goals, plan activities, monitor progress and evaluate results.  I’d like to become better at empowering my students to take their learning in to their own hands.  Give them the opportunity to set a goal and then reach that goal while refocusing and learning to self-monitor.  I know that with technology this goal is possible.


  1. What obstacles do you face in integrating technology into your classroom?


            The matrix discusses collaborative as a section, even though I feel I am proficient in this area I still would like see my students collaborate more often.

            Another obstacle I see as an educator is the amount of technology resources that come with new curriculum and curriculum changes.  As a teacher in the public school system I teach the curriculum set by the school board.  Often, this curriculum isn’t always geared toward technology as a way to teach the content or standards. So, I spent a lot time trying to come up with inventive ways to integrate technology effectively.  I feel that a tablet like the iPad makes this process easier but I still would like to grow further.  If only there was more time?  


  1. Moving forward, how can you overcome or mitigate the obstacles you face?


            As I move forward I feel that I would like to become a better planner when it comes to integrating technology into my classroom.  By planning with technology and content as one, teachers can be more effective and ready to meet the needs of all their students.  Technology is an amazing way to enhance a lesson and it is extremely powerful when planned correctly. 

  1. How can you improve your weaknesses and build on your strengths?


            I feel that planning and reflection or key in improving weakness and building upon my strengths.  Being a teacher has taught me the value of reflection, reflection, and reflection.  If my students are grasping a concept or skill, it is my teaching that needs to be refocused. 





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