Week 5 Project

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Week 5 Project



  1. Pick a topic:  Glogster



2.  Research that topic and find out what tools can be used: 


a.  There are PowerPoints, blogs, posters, collages, and many more ways for students to be creative.  However, one site has made it possible for your students to create a project so dynamic and amazing that it leaves all others in the dust.  Glogster is a program that allows students to include pictures, text, video, audio, graphics, and be able to print it all out onto a single sheet of paper.  This is an epic site that puts the technology right into the hands of the students – something that every student will enjoy.”


b.  http://www.appsinclass.com/glogster.html

c.  http://www.glogster.com

d.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvC47fUANLk

e.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/glogster-visual-network-player/id552911140?mt=8


3.  Pick one of those tools and create a brief tutorial that would show another teacher how to get started using it.


Once you have created your tutorial:


  1.   Include a link in your WordPress blog, along with a reflection of the activity.
    1. How did you like Jing?

                                      i.     I think Jing is a really easy and fun tool to use.  It makes sharing anything from your laptop smooth and quick. The buttons and format of the application are easy to learn and follow.  I’m sure if I were to teach an online course or go further with flipped learning this would be a tool I’d use. 


  1. What other uses can you see for a tool like Jing?

                                      i.     I can see Jing being used in several ways. 

  1. Classroom projects
  2. How to do’s
  3. Staff development
  4. Flipped Learning
  5. Blogging and video conferencing

        c.  Along with these ways I will use Glogster and Jing in my flipped classroom to help students complete projects and model lessons. 


  1.  Tweet the link to your screencast and/or blog post using the #ED506UC hashtag.
    1. Educreations


6.  Submit a link to your blog via the “Create a Tutorial.”


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