Week 1 Assignment

Joe Jacoby

September 4, 2013

EDUC 506


Week 1 Blog


  1. Do you agree with Ken Robinson? Are schools today killing creativity? Why or why not? What about other 21st century skills? Are schools today killing or nurturing them?
  • I do agree that Ken has a point but I believe it is too broad of a statement to say that all schools are killing creativity.  There are numerous schools and teachers that foster and grow creativity on a daily basis but the media, institutions of education, and society focus on the ones that don’t.  Drama and bad news always sells. 
  • The current system isn’t set up to value 21st century skills, we are still very much focused on the industrial age of educating our youth.  I believe a lot of our issues with ADHD, behavior, and lack of students’ interests is because of how we still do things the “old way.”
  • Schools today have such amazing potential with resources and our growing global community.  I believe it is how we embrace them. 


  1. Do you believe nurturing creativity and other 21st century skills is as important as developing skills in “core” subject areas? Why or why not?
  • Yes, I believe that core skills will always be valued and important to the success of our students but it is time to start preparing them for the future.  I love what Ken said that the future is in the hope of our child and educating their mind, body, and creativity. 


  1. Identify at least one way in which technology can support the development of 21st century skills. Find, share, and summarize at least one external resource (e.g. web link, journal article, news item, video, etc.) to support your response.
  • Wow, I believe that technology can support numerous 21st century skills.  In my classroom, every child has their own iPad and every week I encourage them to develop activities and projects that show their understanding of the skills can concepts taught in the past week’s lessons.  One application I use on the computer and the iPad is Comic Life.   http://comiclife.com/ I feel that having students create an open ended project allows them to problem solve and be creativity while sharing their understanding of the skill being taught by our current curriculum. 
  • Here is how to video that shows how to use the Comic Life on the computer. I like the iPad App better (works well with third and fourth graders).  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZdfSq1oVQ4




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